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Dr. Bonadeo and his staff welcome you and GM/ UAW Employee Delta Dental Insurance. If you live in the greater Flint area or anywhere in Genesee County, please, visit our Parkside dental office in Burton. Our dental office is conveniently located just off of I-475. It only takes a quick phone call to make an appointment. You will experience Dr. Bonadeo and his team’s extraordinary dental service. Find out, with his guidance, how to care for your smile and make it last for a lifetime!

Dr. Bonadeo and his highly skilled and friendly staff will take care of all of your dental concerns. Flint-area GM/UAW employees and retirees have counted on Dr. Bonadeo for years. As a Delta Dental Premier provider you know he has an excellent reputation. Currently, Dr. Bonadeo is accepting new patients. Contact Dr. Bonadeo so he can help you bring back your smile and keep your teeth healthy.

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